Comparing the Clinton Paramters and the

Nusseibeh-Ayalon Statement of Principles

Prepared by The Jewish Peace Lobby

Autumn 2003

Clinton Parameters                                                 Nusseibeh-Ayalon

Two States for Two People

- (this issue was not explicitly addressed)


-"Both sides will declare that Palestine is the only state of the Palestinian people and Israel is the only state of the Jewish people."


-"The solution should be in the mid-90%'s, between 94-96% of the West Bank territory for the Palestinian State."


-"Permanent borders based on the June 4, 1967 lines, UN Resolutions, and the Arab peace initiative (known as the Saudi initiative)."




-"The land annexed by Israel should be compensated by a land swap of 1-3% in addition to territorial arrangements such as a permanent safe passage."


-"Border modifications will be based on an equal territorial exchange (1:1) in accordance with the vital needs of both sides, including security, territorial contiguity, and demographic considerations."




-"The parties should develop a map consistent with the following criteria:

·         80% of settlers in blocs

·         contiguity

·         minimizing annexation

·        minimizing the number of Palestinians affected"


-"After establishment of agreed borders, no settlers will remain in the Palestinian State."

Text Box: Key Difference: Nusseibeh-Ayalon ensures that after the land swaps Palestinians have received the equivalent of 100% of the West Bank.




-"As a compromise, I suggest calling it [Palestine] a 'non-militarized state.' This will be consistent with the fact that in addition to a strong Palestinian security force, Palestine will have an international force for border security and deterrent purposes."


-"The Palestinian State will be demilitarized and the international community will guarantee its security and independence."




-“The key lies in an international presence that can only be withdrawn by mutual consent. This presence will also monitor the implementation of the agreement between both sides."



Status of Jerusalem

-"Arab areas are Palestinian and Jewish areas are Israeli. This would apply to the Old City as well. I urge the two sides to work on maps to create maximum contiguity for both sides."


-"Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem will come under Palestinian sovereignty; Jewish neighborhoods under Israeli sovereignty."






-"Jerusalem will be an open city, the capital of two states. Freedom of religion and full access to holy sites will be guaranteed to all."

Status of the Western Wall and Temple Mount

"Two options:



·         Palestinian sovereignty over the Haram, and Israeli sovereignty over a) the Western Wall and the space sacred to Judaism of which it is a part; b) the Western Wall and the Holy of Holies of which it is a part. A commitment by both not to excavate beneath the Haram or behind the Wall.


-"Neither side will exercise sovereignty over the holy places. The State of Palestine will be designated Guardian of the Temple Mount for the benefit of  Muslims. Israel will be Guardian of the Western Wall for the benefit of the Jewish people."  "No excavation will take place in or underneath the holy sites."




·         Palestinian sovereignty over the Haram and Israeli sovereignty over the Western Wall and shared functional sovereignty over the issue of excavation under the Haram and behind the Wall such that mutual consent would be requested before any excavation can take place."


-"The status quo on Christian holy sites will be maintained."

Text Box: Key Difference: Clinton proposal provides Palestinian sovereignty over the Temple Mount and Israeli sovereignty over the Western Wall. Nusseibeh/Ayalon uses the concept of guardianship rather than sovereignty.




Refugee Issues

- "No specific Right of Return to Israel."

-"Five possible homes for refugees:

1.       The state of Palestine

2.       Areas in Israel being transferred to Palestine in the land swap

3.       Rehabilitation in host country

4.       Resettlement in a third country

5.       Admission to Israel"


-"Palestinian refugees will return only to the State of Palestine; Jews will return only to the State of Israel."





-"Return to the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and areas acquired in the land swap would be the right of all Palestinian refugees, while rehabilitation in host countries, resettlement in third countries and absorption into Israel will depend on the policies of those countries. "






-"I believe that Israel is prepared to acknowledge the moral and material suffering caused to the Palestinian people as a result of the 1948 war and the need to assist the international community in addressing the problem. An international commission should be established to implement all the aspects that flow from your agreement: compensation, resettlement, rehabilitation."


-"Recognizing the suffering and the plight of the Palestinian refugees, the international community, Israel, and the Palestinian state will initiate and contribute to an international fund to compensate them. "

Text Box: Key Difference: Clinton proposal lists Israel as one possible home for Palestinian refugees, subject to Israel's policies. Nusseibeh/Ayalon simply states that Palestinian refugees will return only to the State of Palestine.



End of Conflict

-"I propose that the agreement clearly mark the end of the conflict and its implementation put an end to all claims. This could be implemented through a UN Security Counsel Resolution that notes that Resolutions 242 and 338 have been implemented and through the release of Palestinian prisoners."


-"Upon the full implementation of these principles, all claims on both sides and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will end."

***The Clinton Parameters were taken from Peace Process, by William Quandt. The Parameters were presented to Palestinian and Israeli negotiators on December 23, 2000. While written text was presented, the information Quandt used here was derived from that published in Ha'aretz (English) January 1, 2001, and a slightly more complete version issued by the Jerusalem Media and Communication Center.

Prepared by The Jewish Peace Lobby

Autumn 2003

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